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Data Center

Superior Network, Superior Hardware

Although we are legally registered in California, we are a truly international company with servers located around the world. Our European customers can choose between our servers in Germany and France. For our American and Canadian customers we recommend hosting websites on our servers located in Fremont, California and Dallas, Texas.

We are dedicated to protecting, connecting and powering our customer's critical information assets. Our award-winning data-centers are staffed around the clock. With uncompromising standards for power, security and environmental controls, we focus on connectivity and redundancy. 

Here are some key technical features for our California data center:

  • High density power 
  • Fully staffed 24x7x365 
  • 68,000 sq ft of data center space 
  • Carrier-neutral, SAS 70 Type II audited facility 
  • Fully redundant power & cooling 
  • 99.99% SLA for power & network (when utilizing dual feeds)


  • SAS 70 Type II Audited 
  • 30 inch raised floors 
  • 300 lbs/sq ft floor load 
  • Single tenant, single-story building 
  • Redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers 
  • Each CRAC unit supported by independent roof mounted condenser 
  • Wind roof rating FM-90

Fully redundant, designed for high density applications

  • 11.1 MW of utility power 
  • 250 watts/sq ft 
  • Industry leading power-to-space ratio 
  • Four (4) autonomous power plants delivering true A & B power supply 
  • Six (6) backup diesel generators on standby 
  • Generators tested bi-weekly and routinely run at full load

Premium providers for optimal reliability and performance

  • IP Managed network with Internap FCP 5200 
  • True BGP with intelligent routing 
  • Multi-homed, carrier neutral 
  • DWDM connection to the INFOMART 
  • 12 providers with dual fiber entrances 
  • IP Managed and IP Plus network options

Uncompromising standards ensure peace of mind

  • 24x7x365 on-site personnel 
  • Bio-metric access 
  • Physical ID check 
  • Full CCTV surveillance backed by digital recording on file for 90 days 
  • Multiple layers of security & authentication; including card key, PIN, & biometric required for facility entrance

Reliable professionals on-site around the clock

  • 24x7x365 on-site support from experienced technicians 
  • Tier I & II support options 
  • Seamless data center migration and installation 
  • Comprehensive business continuity and data loss prevention solutions 
  • Full suite of managed security services

Power Infrastructure

Our data center's true 2N power infrastructure ensures redundancy and reliability for customers with the most demanding power requirements.

  • 11.1MW of utility power
  • Spare 3.75 MW transformer on site
  • 250 watts/sq ft
  • Four (4) autonomous N+1 power plants delivering true A & B power supply
  • Six (6) backup diesel generators on standby
  • Generators tested bi-weekly and routinely run at full load
  • Multiple voltages available including 110v, 208v, and three phase 208v
  • On–site staff constantly inspect and monitor power equipment
  • If commercial power fails, automatic transfer switches (ATS) immediately activate generators, monitor electric feeds and transfer stabilized loads to generators

We utilize many PDUs, ranging from 100 KVA to 300 KVA. We offer PDUs that provide branch circuit monitoring, allowing us to continuously monitor power. 

All the UPS systems keep equipment powered seamlessly, preventing resets while generators kick in. 

Our redundant feeds come from separate service entrances, ATS, generator, UPS and PDUs eliminating any single point of failure causing a customer outage.



On Django24's servers at our data center, your data is protected in an ideal environment with truly redundant HVAC. 

Temperature, humidity and airflow are continuously maintained and monitored. Cooling is supplied by 30 industry-leading Liebert 22-30 ton downflow units. 

Unlike many data centers that use one or two chilled water plants to supply cooling to each unit, we use an individual roof mounted condenser for each CRAC unit. 

Our comprehensive approach to cooling far exceeds the reliability of most systems and is only possible in a single-story building.

  • Redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers
  • Each CRAC unit supported by independent roof mounted condenser
  • Cabinets laid out for optimum airflow - hot and cold aisles separate exhaust and intake
  • Facility maintains an ambient temperature of 70 degrees

Multi-layered Protection

With Django24, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your critical systems, equipment and data are protected around the clock. Our SAS 70 Type II audited facility is a single-story, single-tenant building for enhanced control and security.

Our restricted access Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed 24x7x365 by on-site technicians. In addition to our team of technical experts, the NOC’s automated systems constantly monitor network performance, power, cooling, and security to identify and report even the slightest irregularities, preventing potential problems before they happen. Using these advanced monitoring tools, management systems, and processes, our experts continually safeguard the data center environment.

  • 24x7x365 on-site staff
  • Multiple layers of security & authentication; including card key, PIN, & biometric required for facility entrance
  • Intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorized electronic access
  • Firewall management and monitoring services
  • Full CCTV surveillance backed by digital recording on file for 90 days
  • Remote hands to perform tape rotations and hardware swaps
  • Constant management of all environmental systems (power, HVAC, fire, security and IDS)
  • Remote monitoring of client equipment
  • Locking cabinets and/or cages
  • Motion detection for lighting